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Target Lasergame

The game can be played in a group of minimal 6 persons and a maximum of 20 persons. We will separate the group in 2 or 3 teams and the meaning is that you and your team will collect points, as many as possible. You will earn the points with turning down your opponent players.

All your activities will be registered so we can give you a detailed score-form after the game. The achievements can be discussed in our bar with drinks and food. We handle a minimal age of 8, this is in connect with the size and the gravity of the vest. Groups with less than 8 persons can be put together with overcrowding, unless they are of the same age. 

For groups we have also different arrangements, for Children and adults we have selected menus.

So check it out!!

Veelgestelde vragen

Can we park our car?

Yess, there are a couple of Payed parking-spots in front of our company

How long will take a kids-arrangement?

Inclusive 2x lasergaming and diner it will take approximately one an a half hour.

Can we do just one game?

Ofcourse it is possible to play one game. 😉

We want to play the game with less than 6 people can we reserve?

Too bad, it is nog possibel to play the game with less than 6 people. 

How long will take the game?

One game will take 15 minutes, but with instructions before and the hand out of the results will you be with us just about 30 minutes. With two games it will be around one hour. 

We are going to play the game with 15 persons, can we pay seperately?

It will be unrealistic to let everybody pay seperate. 🙂

My child is 7 years old can he play also the game?

We did set the age-advice minimal on 8 years old. Because the game will be played in a dark labyrinth of two floors, so it can be very exciting for younger childeren. Besides that the weigh of the vest is 3,5 Kilo.

Make youre reservation by Phone?

No problem! Call us now!

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